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A new footpath is set to bridge the gap between Beaudesert and Gleneagle with work stepped up on the much-anticipated project.

The project will link Wesley Way to the existing town footpath network at Elysium Gardens and involves the construction of new sections of path on the northern and southern sides of Waters Creek and the installation of a footbridge joining the two.

Mayor Greg Christensen said the progress of the footpath was attracting a significant amount of attention from the public, particularly passing motorists.

“The crossing at Waters Creek is arguably the northern entry to Beaudesert and Council is working towards an outcome which provides not only a pedestrian-friendly result but an aesthetically pleasing one as well,” he said.

“When the functional footpath works are completed we will be undertaking landscaping and delivering additional amenities to beautify the corridor.”

Cr Christensen said a well-maintained footpath network was a central element in fostering vibrant and active towns and villages.

“I think it’s important that, where practicable, residents have the convenience of safely walking or cycling from home to the centres of our major towns and villages,” he said.

“In 2016-17 Council has doubled its financial commitment to maintaining the footpath network to $555,000.”

Division 2 representative Cr Nadia O’Carroll said it was pleasing to see the project well and truly on t rack again after delays following the acquisition of the required land in late 2015, caused by the relocation and upgrade of public utility infrastructure at the site by other agencies.

“Council has just approved stage three of Scenic Rise which will bring additional residents into our growing area so it’s important that we provide appropriate connectivity to the Beaudesert town centre,” she said.

“I think we all acknowledge the concern with pedestrians, particularly school children, utilising the verge of the road bridge over Waters Creek as a makeshift footpath.”

Division 4 representative Cr Michael Enright said the new footpath and the associated amenities would be well-utilised by residents of all ages.

“It will certainly be most welcomed by residents in the Scenic Rise estate and neighbouring Country Club estate, but I think the wider Beaudesert community will also appreciate and enjoy the outcomes of this project,” he said.

A new footpath is set to bridge the gap between Beaudesert and Gleneagle
A new footpath is set to bridge the gap between Beaudesert and Gleneagle