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Next stages of Beaudesert Town Centre Revitalisation under way

Next stages of Beaudesert Town Centre Revitalisation under way

The next phase of Scenic Rim Regional Council’s multi-stage revitalisation of the Beaudesert Town Centre has begun with drainage works on Short Street and the Gateway Precinct parklands.

Following extensive rain and flooding in Beaudesert in 2021 and 2022, Council’s engineers carried out a comprehensive assessment of Short Street to ensure the scope for this stage of Beaudesert’s revitalisation remained accurate and feasible.

Additional geotechnical investigations revealed that the foundation beneath Short Street was of an extremely poor quality and exacerbated by the rain and flooding requiring the excavation and rebuild of the road subgrade to enable the installation of new stormwater infrastructure.

Council was also required to amend its designs for Brisbane Street to include raised pedestrian crossings following the introduction of Queensland Government guidelines to improve pedestrian safety.

This had a major flow-on effect, requiring design changes for construction, electrical works and landscaping and major changes to the scope of the stormwater works.

Like many businesses in the Scenic Rim, Council has faced tough decisions during the delivery of projects, including the Beaudesert Town Centre Revitalisation, with supply chain disruptions, labour and material shortages and rising costs.

The Short Street drainage project will address a longstanding issue, delivering major drainage improvements which are vital to businesses in the Beaudesert town centre and the safety of the community during major rain events.

Council has assured the community that the Gateway Precinct project will be well worth the wait, creating a green community meeting place that reflects the Scenic Rim’s local history, stories and culture.

The project will feature local stories told through artworks, a walkway spine, a public toilet block with disability access, public safety lighting, and two Yarning Circles honouring First Nations’ residents and their ongoing connection to Country.

The centrepiece of the precinct will be the new grassed amphitheatre and events stage, a multi-use space where people can meet, gather and celebrate.

The project is supported by $4.1 million from the Australian Government.

For further information visit Council’s website

Supplied image: Aerial view of works under way in the next stages of the Beaudesert Town Centre revitalisation project.

Keen competition seen in 2023 Business Excellence Awards

Keen competition seen in 2023 Business Excellence Awards

The spirit of entrepreneurship and the rising stars of the region’s business community were celebrated at the 2023 Scenic Rim Business Excellence Awards on Friday evening.

Almost 200 guests gathered at The Centre Beaudesert where veterinary pharmaceuticals enterprise Plasvacc Pty Ltd received the highest accolade, the Regional Prosperity Award, after winning the Excellence in Business Award as an employer of more than 20 staff.

Competition was keen with 43 businesses and four individuals competing for awards in 11 categories, which Scenic Rim Mayor Greg Christensen said recognised the dedication and determination of those helping to drive the region’s growing economy.

“Building a successful business requires passion, determination and resilience and the ability to continue to adapt and evolve to meet customers’ needs and an ever-changing economic environment,” he said.

“These awards provide an opportunity to recognise those who go above and beyond in customer service and innovation and who remind us all of the stellar success that can be achieved through vision and purpose.”

The awards were presented in the categories of: Excellence in Tourism and Accommodation; Excellence in Hospitality – Food and Dining; Excellence in Retail, Excellence in Trades and Construction; Excellence in Agriculture; Excellence in Transport, Logistics, Manufacturing and Mining; Excellence in Professional Services; Excellence in Community Services; Most Outstanding New Business; Excellence in Business (20+ staff); and Trainee/Apprentice of the Year. 

The overall Regional Prosperity Award was presented to the business that has achieved outstanding results, exhibited sound management and demonstrated all-round excellence. 

Judges Melissa Johnson Morgan, Associate Professor of the University of Southern Queensland’s School of Business, and John Hale, the Mentoring for Growth Program Mentor from the Queensland Government’s Department of Employment, Small Business and Training, commented on the high calibre of entries in the 2023 awards.

In judging the business nominations they considered a range of factors including outstanding customer service, environmental awareness, understanding of target markets, well-defined and understood business strategies, rigorous systems, effective risk management, financial performance and a clear commitment to excellence in all facets of their operations.

Mayor Christensen said the awards also recognised the trainees and apprentices who represent the future of the Scenic Rim.

“One of the challenges for our region, and indeed other communities, is that we often lose talented young people to larger urban areas once they graduate,” he said.

“Our schools and local businesses are to be congratulated for offering our young people an insight into the opportunities available for them to succeed and grow their careers in the Scenic Rim.”

Mayor Christensen said he was proud of the contribution of local businesses which has seen the steady growth of the Scenic Rim’s economy, whose GRP is now some $2.09 billion annually.

“As well as showcasing our industry-leading businesses, the biennial Business Excellence Awards send a strong message to potential investors and jobseekers that the Scenic Rim is a region of great opportunity,” he said.

“The achievements of our awards recipients should inspire others to strive for similarly high standards of excellence which are building the reputation of the Scenic Rim as a great place to do business.” 

The winners of the 2023 Scenic Rim Business Excellence Awards are as follows:

Excellence in Tourism and Accommodation
Mount French Lodge

Nestled in the picturesque countryside of Mount French, this luxurious lodge features eight beautifully appointed apartments accommodating just sixteen guests. The business model is innovative in that the property is let to only one group at a time, attracting families, friends and corporate clients for special celebrations and providing a motivating space for business planning workshops. Recent improvements include additional accommodation and a stunning outdoor pavilion.

Excellence in Hospitality – Food and Dining
Picnic Real Food Bar

Picnic Real Food was established in 2021 in the North Stores precinct at North Tamborine. Its menu, with a focus on wholesome food, features fresh produce from local growers and changes seasonally. Environmental sustainability is a key feature in its food packaging and goal of zero waste, which sees 20 kilograms of kitchen food scraps reduced to two kilos of nutrient-rich compost overnight. An Environ Waste Management system manages all on-site waste water and supports an on-site vegetable, herb and fruit tree garden.

Excellence in Retail
My Country Escape

From a meticulously renovated historic building in Canungra, My Country Escape showcases a carefully curated range of merchandise supporting local products and artisans, from stylish homewares and body products to sustainable clothing, all in a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere. It was judged an outstanding local business which gone from strength to strength, contributing to the community and supporting local events. Collaboration with Griffith University design students has seen the Canungra store expanded to include an outdoor space for community workshops.

Excellence in Professional Services
Honni Hayton Counselling

Honni Hayton Counselling was established five years ago in response to the need for accessible and specialised mental health services within the Scenic Rim. As a sole practitioner, Honni aimed to create a safe, local haven providing expert counselling and tailored support to enhance emotional and mental well-being. She has grown her business and her business skills during difficult years of the pandemic, successfully pivoting to provide a valuable online counselling service to the community.

Excellence in Trades and Construction
Totally Flooring, Beaudesert

Totally Flooring, a family-owned and operated retail flooring store which opened in Beaudesert two years ago, is a great example of a sole trader taking a leap by utilising trade skills to start their own independent business in what is a largely franchised industry. Providing a high level of customer service, Totally Flooring has its own team of installers and has extended its product line to include window furnishings, tile products and trade accessories. It is a great supporter of local community sport, aims to employ staff who live in the region and also supports other small businesses.

Excellence in Agriculture
Aquis Farm

Achieving a perfect score of 100 in the awards judging, Aquis Farm is a world-class business with a team of experienced vets, trainers, breeders and industry experts to ensure the well-being and success of racehorses. Established in 2015, it is dedicated to sustainable practices in equine management, environmental stewardship and social responsibility and aspires to be the premier global destination for horse training and racing with bloodlines dominating world events. Water conservation, pasture improvements, paddock rest and use of renewable energy are at the heart of its sustainability practices.

Excellence in Transport, Logistics, Manufacturing and Mining
Beaudesert Exhaust

Established in 1982,Beaudesert Exhaust has grown from providing basic exhaust and radiator parts to large-scale manufacturing and supply chain production. Beaudesert Exhaust provides services to a range of Australian businesses and manufacturers including 3D scanning and modelling, specialty coatings and the supply of pre-production components for a broad range of applications. It is at the forefront of automotive manufacturing, catering to customers whose passions include 4WD activities, camping, caravanning, fishing and off-road adventures.

Excellence in Community Services
McAuley College Beaudesert

McAuley College opened in January 2017 as a direct result of community advocacy for a Catholic secondary school and enrols a diverse range of students. It offers rural heritage values and supports creative, contemporary and innovative learning through quality teaching in an environment of engagement and community partnership. McAuley College has developed a Senior Program to engage with local businesses to provide work experience and works closely with Mununjali House and Amy Blow to build a space for First Nations students to celebrate their history and story.

Most Outstanding New Business
Neds Restaurant

The family-owned and operated Neds Restaurant aims to be the destination of choice for steak connoisseurs and those seeking a memorable dining experience in the Scenic Rim. It sources the finest quality ingredients from local suppliers, supporting the regional agricultural and food production sectors, and actively engages with other local businesses in the hospitality and tourism industry to forge strong community partnerships. Its environmental impact is lessened by monitoring energy consumption, reducing waste and sourcing sustainable products.

Excellence in Business (20+ employees)
Plasvacc Pty Ltd

Plasvacc Pty Ltd manufactures high-quality blood plasma products for horses, camels and dogs was judged as an extremely well-run business with caring staff, an holistic approach to animal welfare and high ethical standards. Of the 27 staff at its Kalbar headquarters, 23 are women and most are Scenic Rim residents who have enjoyed long-term careers in fields of science, manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, animal husbandry and administration in a family-friendly workplace. Plasvacc’s employees have grown in number worldwide, partly driven by the acquisition of its United Kingdom division.

Trainee/Apprentice of the Year Award
Kasey Payne – Boonah State High School

A dedicated, hardworking and community-minded young woman, Kasey Payne has been a school-based trainee at Hayes and Co, where she is currently undertaking a Certificate III in Business. Kasey has demonstrated exceptional commitment to her studies and the agricultural industry, actively participates in the Boonah State High School Cattle Club and is President of the Junior Show Society. She is an aspiring ambassador for vocational training, having also completed Certificate studies in Sport and Recreation and Tourism alongside her school responsibilities.

Regional Prosperity Highly Commended
Boonah State High School

Boonah State High School’s strategic approach to rebuilding its connection with the community has seen enormous benefits for the school, the students and the community. As regions such as the Scenic Rim often lose talented young people to larger urban areas once they graduate, the school is doing all it can to expose its students to the availability of valuable opportunities and industries in the region. The school sees itself as a training ground for the next generation of young people who will help Scenic Rim businesses to succeed in the future through the leadership of Dan Marrone, the enthusiasm of Kelly Skewes and the dedication of its teachers and students.

Regional Prosperity Award
Plasvacc Pty Ltd

With its Kalbar facility the only one of its kind in Australia, Plasvacc operates in three countries and is at the forefront of the veterinary industry. It exports to fifteen countries and helps to ensure the welfare of animals in Australia and abroad through the production of pharmaceuticals that contribute to a high standard of care. Plasvacc has been operating for 25 years and its global success and recognition attests to the company’s achievements as an innovator in the animal health and agricultural industries.

Sporting community’s the winner with new lighting at Selwyn Park

Sporting community’s the winner with new lighting at Selwyn Park

Beaudesert’s sporting community is the winner from Scenic Rim Regional Council’s installation of new lighting at Selwyn Park.

The new LED lighting, which meets soccer competition standards, has been installed with an eye not only to players’ needs  but also the amenity of residents in Hopkins Street and the nearby St Mary’s Catholic Primary School. 

Scenic Rim’s Sport and Recreation Portfolio Councillor Marshall Chalk said the lighting installation had been a priority for Council and was an important milestone in encouraging participation in sport. 

“We know that participation in sport contributes to individual health and wellbeing and also to the overall health and wellbeing of the community by bringing people together,” he said. 

“All Councillors have pushed hard to make this happen and the completion of this project is great news for the Beaudesert community and wider Scenic Rim region.

“The next step will be the installation of lighting to cricket competition standards and the carpark upgrade which will be funded externally.” 

Division 4 Councillor Michael Enright also welcomed the completion of the lighting installation which was funded through Council’s budget. 

“The Selwyn Park Management Association, the Beaudesert Cricket Club and the Beaudesert Soccer Club have all expressed their appreciation for the new lighting which will enable the fullest use of this popular community facility,” he said. 

“I am grateful to Council staff who worked hard to achieve this in a timeframe to assist these clubs and also for their efforts in reducing the light from Selwyn Park spilling across the road to houses in Hopkins Street to the west and St Mary’s School to the east.”



A new footpath is set to bridge the gap between Beaudesert and Gleneagle with work stepped up on the much-anticipated project.

The project will link Wesley Way to the existing town footpath network at Elysium Gardens and involves the construction of new sections of path on the northern and southern sides of Waters Creek and the installation of a footbridge joining the two.

Mayor Greg Christensen said the progress of the footpath was attracting a significant amount of attention from the public, particularly passing motorists.

“The crossing at Waters Creek is arguably the northern entry to Beaudesert and Council is working towards an outcome which provides not only a pedestrian-friendly result but an aesthetically pleasing one as well,” he said.

“When the functional footpath works are completed we will be undertaking landscaping and delivering additional amenities to beautify the corridor.”

Cr Christensen said a well-maintained footpath network was a central element in fostering vibrant and active towns and villages.

“I think it’s important that, where practicable, residents have the convenience of safely walking or cycling from home to the centres of our major towns and villages,” he said.

“In 2016-17 Council has doubled its financial commitment to maintaining the footpath network to $555,000.”

Division 2 representative Cr Nadia O’Carroll said it was pleasing to see the project well and truly on t rack again after delays following the acquisition of the required land in late 2015, caused by the relocation and upgrade of public utility infrastructure at the site by other agencies.

“Council has just approved stage three of Scenic Rise which will bring additional residents into our growing area so it’s important that we provide appropriate connectivity to the Beaudesert town centre,” she said.

“I think we all acknowledge the concern with pedestrians, particularly school children, utilising the verge of the road bridge over Waters Creek as a makeshift footpath.”

Division 4 representative Cr Michael Enright said the new footpath and the associated amenities would be well-utilised by residents of all ages.

“It will certainly be most welcomed by residents in the Scenic Rise estate and neighbouring Country Club estate, but I think the wider Beaudesert community will also appreciate and enjoy the outcomes of this project,” he said.

A new footpath is set to bridge the gap between Beaudesert and Gleneagle
A new footpath is set to bridge the gap between Beaudesert and Gleneagle
Sunlit Studios, Named Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year 2023

Sunlit Studios, Named Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year 2023

Alana Orth and the Photographer Of The Year Trophy

Since 2010, couples have chosen Sunlit Studios for our breathtaking photography, museum-grade artwork, relentless professionalism, and personalised service.

Winner of Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year 2023 by APPA, Australia’s leading Photographic Awards.

Alan Orth from Sunlit Studios received the huge honour of winning Australian Wedding Photographer of the Year. We are a small local business (based in Pimpama) and regularly are photographing Sunlit Studios is comprised of six passionate professionals – Cameron, Alana, Daniel, Elizabeth, Jasmin and Belinda.

Sunlit Studios Team
Alana and members of the Sunlit Studios Team

With their individual talents and experiences, they create the beautifully consistent style of photography that has become recognised around Australia, as well as other parts of the world. With over fifty-five years of combined experience photographing Weddings and capturing Family Portraits, you know your memories are in trusted, experienced hands. We share one vision for everyone who comes through our studio doors: an incredible experience from start to finish, ending in memories and artwork that will be treasured for a lifetime!

A Family Affair

A Family Affair

It was a special day out for the Campbell family on Saturday when father Paul and two sons Trent and Jackson took the field together for the Bushrats win over Robina. It’s not often you get the opportunity to play with your sons but Paul relished the experience. The Rats celebrated the occasion by winning 36-16 against the Robina Raptors. This win puts the Rats just shy of the top of the ladder and has secured their spot in the finals! Well done lads!

Bushrats - A Family Affair  Score
Final Score