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The much-anticipated Logan Writers Festival is set to captivate the literary enthusiasts of Logan once
again, as it returns for its third installment on the 9th and 10th of June at the esteemed Logan West Community Centre.
This exciting two-day event, running from 9am to 4pm, promises to be a literary extravaganza for all ages.

With a diverse lineup of esteemed speakers hailing from various genres, the Logan Writers Festival is
set to offer an enriching experience for attendees. From mystery aficionados to those seeking
inspiration to overcome life’s challenges, the festival will cater to a broad spectrum of interests.
Esteemed authors and industry professionals will grace the festival’s panels, sharing their insights on
writing captivating mystery stories, navigating adversity, crafting chilling tales for young readers,
delving into the world of audiobooks and podcasts, and exploring the intricacies of the publishing

The festival is proud to announce InHouse Publishing as its platinum sponsor alongside Logan City
Council. As a local publisher deeply committed to fostering the growth of the literary community,
InHouse Publishing’s support is invaluable in bringing this event to fruition. Their dedication to
nurturing local talent and promoting the written word aligns perfectly with the festival’s vision of
empowering and inspiring writers.

Beyond the captivating talks and discussions, attendees will have the opportunity to indulge in a
literary shopping spree with a range of book merchandise available for purchase. The festival will also
provide cozy spaces for readers to immerse themselves in the pages of a new book, making it an
ideal gathering for literary enthusiasts and families alike. The Logan West Community Centre, with its
warm and inviting atmosphere, will serve as the perfect backdrop for fostering community
connections and celebrating the joy of reading.

The theme of this year’s festival is “Journey,” symbolizing the incredible paths writers embark on
when creating stories that transport readers to different worlds and ignite their imaginations.
Through thought-provoking conversations and engaging presentations, the festival aims to explore
the various aspects of a writer’s journey, inspiring both established and aspiring authors to embark
on their own literary adventures.

The Logan Writers Festival has become a beloved event in Logan, providing a platform for literary
exploration, community engagement, and the celebration of creativity. As it returns for its third year,
the festival promises to surpass all expectations, inviting attendees to embark on a literary journey
like no other.

For more information about the Logan Writers Festival, please visit
or contact Rhiannon D. Elton, President of the Logan Chamber of Commerce and Arts Champion at

Logan Writers Festival

About the Logan Writers Festival:
The Logan Writers Festival is an annual event held in Logan that celebrates the power of the written
word and the vibrant literary community. Bringing together acclaimed authors, industry
professionals, and enthusiastic readers, the festival offers a diverse range of talks, panels, and
activities for all ages. Through its engaging programming and inclusive atmosphere, the festival aims
to inspire, educate, and entertain attendees while fostering a love for literature and storytelling.