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The Scenic Rim’s newest Councillor has hit the ground running, having been sworn in this morning and attending her first Ordinary Meeting after being declared the successful candidate yesterday following Saturday’s Division 1 by-election.

Councillor Amanda Hay’s Declaration of Office was taken by Council’s Chief Executive Officer David Keenan, who said the role of local government was critically important and complex.

“The Councillor who has been elected by her community has a great responsibility ahead,” he said.

“Along with the executive team and employees of Council, I am looking forward to working with the Councillor for the benefit of the region.”

Cr Hay declared she would faithfully and impartially fulfil the duties of her office, in accordance with the local government principles and Code of Conduct for Councillors under the Local Government Act 2009, to the best of her judgment and ability.

Scenic Rim’s newest Councillor, Amanda Hay, is sworn in prior to today’s Ordinary Meeting