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The Tamborine Diner rocked recently to the sound of some funky Christmas carols, played by a gaily-clad little ukulele group led by Linda Simister. We’ll claim – but be open to challenge – that this was the best Christmas party on the Mountain. It was certainly one of the most colourful and musical.
Matt and his staff at the Diner made sure it was one to remember for Mountain Mates (an activity of the TM Lions Club) – both food-wise, and in terms of a festive party atmosphere. Impeccable hospitality, TM Diner!
Mountain Mates tradition was not forgotten. We had not one but two ‘rockin’ Santas’ (in the words of the Wiggles song), with Brodie and Warrick (the latter on a mobility scooter) sharing the honours. Brodie fulfilled his dream of making a grand entrance via the lift from the carpark.

We had jokes from Kris, as well as comical poems from other guests. DJ Keegan and Zumba dance instructor Melody helped complete the evening, leading some energetic activity on the deck to work off some of the calories.

The weather held up, the food was marvellous, and much joy was generated. Bring on another great year for Mountain Mates!
Janis Bailey

Some Photos of the Party:

Some of the guests enjoying the party
Keegan and Melody (right) with Aimee (left)

The Uke Players: Tracey Reeby, Dianne James, Barry Chatel (obscured), Linda Simister, Margy Rose
Brodie’s a fabulously funky Santa