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Critical drainage infrastructure will set the foundation for Phase 1 of the Beaudesert Town Centre Revitalisation.

The 2021-2022 Budget provides $1.44 million for capital expenditure on drainage in Beaudesert, with support from the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program. This is in addition to the works being undertaken as part of the Beaudesert Town Centre Revitalisation project.

Scenic Rim Mayor Greg Christensen said addressing the storm water flooding in the town centre is a staged process and these two projects will be running in tandem in 2021-2022.

“These foundation drainage works will give businesses in our town centre, that have experienced storm water flooding in the past, more confidence going forward; and will provide the critical base before all the aesthetic work gets underway,” he said.

“The revitalisation of Beaudesert’s town centre will make infrastructure and streetscape improvements to the heart of the town bringing both social and economic dividends to the Beaudesert community”. 

The Beaudesert Town Centre Revitalisation project is staged across year-on-year budgets with Phase 1 jointly funded by the Australian Government ($4,190,593), and Queensland Government ($3,750,000) in association with Scenic Rim Regional Council contributing ($460,065).

The 2021-2022 Budget includes funding to support the relocation and enhancement of the Queensland Country Women’s Association (QCWA) building in Beaudesert.  

Beaudesert Town Centre Revitalisation Project:

Phase 1: 2020-2023

  • Beaudesert Gateway Stage 1 – Caravan and car parking.
  • Beaudesert Town Centre Transport Improvements – Selwyn and Brisbane Street traffic and pedestrian improvements.
  • Beaudesert Town Centre Drainage Improvements – Brisbane, Eaglesfield and Short Street drainage upgrades.
  • Beaudesert Gateway Stage 2 – Amphitheatre, shelters, new public toilet and playspace.

Phase 2: 2022-2023

  • Beaudesert’s proposed new Community Hub and Library is planned to occur in 2022-2023, subject to suitable funding being sourced.

More detailed information about the Beaudesert Town Centre Revitalisation is available on Council’s website

A copy of the Scenic Rim Regional Council 2021-2022 Community Budget Report is available for download from Council’s website:

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