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As a small way of helping the Awards in these tough times, whilst also spreading the good news about our Award programs and the awesome people who are involved, (and yes, that’s you!) we have launched a new shopping page on our website.

Two of the things you will see there are two very special t-shirts for Young Achiever Awards and Community Achiever Awards fans ? they are only $35 and postage is FREE!

We are placing our first order for the Young Achiever t-shirts next week so if you would like to get into that order, please hop onto the shopping page of our website to order. The Community Achiever Awards t-shirts is a pre-order which will be placed mid-December for an early January delivery.

There are other ways to support the Awards on that page too which you may like to consider. All money gets put directly back into the next Awards program to make it better each year.

Whilst you are on the website, if you feel like a dose of inspiration, you might like to view the Podcast page and select one to listen to. We bring you stories of our Finalists and Winners over the years and each one of them is filled with great news stories. Here is the link if you want to share it with your network after listening.