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On the 27th April 1992 Michael and Margaret Aves launched the Tamborine Times. Editor Michael envisaged the Times as a paper that would promote local businesses so that local people would support these businesses. The first paper was a 20-pager with the beginnings of a business directory.

The directory has grown and is now regarded both on and off the mountain as the most complete and comprehensive reference to quality trades and services.


Kevin Kane and partner Barbara Proudman bought the paper in June 1994, and continued the quality news/magazine offering a service of excellence to the Mountain and surrounding areas. It maintains an informative and entertaining format that has readers looking forward to its weekly delivery.

Today the Managing Editor is Barbara Proudman. The untimely passing of both Michael and Kevin, the legacies which they both left has enabled the Tamborine Times to grow in its popularity and distribution.


It will continue to be an entertaining forum for local ideas, and the very best trade directory display and classified advertisement vehicle. We are very grateful to all those clients who have stood by us from those early days thanking them for their loyalty.

We reaffirm our determination to make the Tamborine Times an integral part of the mountain and surrounding area’s lifestyles.

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